Those within manufacturing industries know how essential it is to have high quality cabling throughout a factory. Cables are responsible for connecting up and powering the complex machinery and even the slightest malfunction can cause costly halts in production.

Assembly lines and similar applications require high quality Profibus cables for reliable data transmission within the communication system (also known as the ‘bus’) of the machinery. When selecting Profibus cabling, you should consider the environment that your machinery operates within.

If your machinery regularly comes into contact with oils and other non-corrosive liquids, selecting Profibus cables which are oil resistant makes them easier to clean, which is an important task in many industries for health and safety purposes.

Often, cables within industrial factories have to come into contact with harsh temperatures. If this is the case, a cable with high heat resistance should be your first choice. For added safety, opting for a cable with a flame retardant sheath can help to reduce the damage caused by fires, should the unexpected happen.

Many Profibus cables are able to withstand temperatures of up to 80° and below -30°. Flexing cables typically have a lower temperature range than those with a fixed installation.

Another consideration is whether the cables are to be used for a fixed installation or for highly flexible applications. For power chains and moving machine parts, flexible Profibus cables should be used in order for the machinery to operate as efficiently as possible.

Cabling within the food and beverage industry undoubtedly has to come into contact with a range of liquids and chemicals, including food products, soaps and bleaches. Over time, this could damage a basic cable which has not been designed specifically for this industry.

Thankfully, there are Profibus cables which have been designed with the food and beverage industry in mind. These cables feature good chemical resistance, as well as a resistance to soaps and tensides. Selecting these cables means that you can thoroughly clean and disinfect the factory equipment without any worry of damaging the essential cabling.

Article Name
Selecting Profibus Cables Within Industrial Environments
Profibus cables are used to transmit data within a bus communication system. Profibus cables are available in a range of materials.