A LAN (Local Area Network) cable is a form of networking cable that transmits the digital and analogue signals. In basic terms, it allows for short distance connection to the internet or local networks. This cable is in fact, one of the most used cables in the world. More than ever, industrial and office equipment needs a network connection not only to deliver impressive results, but to operate at all.  

These Lan cables mostly used with in offices and other large scale commercial spaces. In this kind of environment you need a reliable internet source in order to allow for efficient operation within the business. The technology that requires this network connection is rarely moved around which makes the nature of the fixed LAN cable ideal.

Your connectivity is almost guaranteed in using a LAN cable instead of relying on Wi-Fi, which can be incredibly within Wi-Fi resistant buildings. Externally however, you may need cables for outdoors use that offer protection against the elements. Dependent on your needs, a cable such as the Lapp UNITRONIC® LAN OUTDOOR might be an ideal solution if you need a strong, weatherproof cable which can be used under or over ground. Being UV resistant it won’t split or become damaged in hot weather is will not become brittle during cold seasons either.

The industrial Ethernet could be a desirable alternative to the LAN Cable with in such industrial environments. Lapps Industrial Ethernet Cable offers Simple, flexible expansion options with rapid commissioning thanks to simple connection technology. Its bandwidth reaches up to 10Gbit/s and is perfectly suitable within a wide range of application areas, including both office and industry.

The Ethernet Cable is made up of 7-wire stranded conductors (Patch cable AWG26/7). There are a range of external sheaths available, including PVC, PUR, halogen-free materials, as well as flame retardant according to IEC 60332-1-2.