When it comes to the food and beverage industry, hygiene should be the main concern for every company. Should anything along the production process become contaminated, it could lead to the general public becoming unwell, consequently leading to a food or beverage company being promptly taken out of business.

Hygiene in food and beverage industries stretches much further than regular employee hand sanitisation, especially within large manufacturing factories. Large electrical components using for the production of food and drink must be regularly cleaned and sanitised to order to keep up with the current and appropriately strict hygiene standards.

Therefore, it is essential that companies within the food and beverage industry invest in cables and cable glands which are specially designed and manufactured for the industry. Due to the endless amount of bacteria strains present in the world, it is vital for companies to select a hygienic cable gland which is resistant to hazardous microbes, to use within their machinery.

Cables in the food and beverage industry also typically deal with harsh chemicals. Whether it’s from strong cleaning products or acidic drinks such as orange juice, cables and cable glands are exposed to chemicals which may eventually erode them away, if they are not of high quality. Eroded cables can cause a number of problems, including a stalling of production or dangerous spills. So, it is necessary to opt for a chemical resistant cable and cable glands.

The Lapp SKINTOP® Hygienic cable gland range offers both microbial and chemical resistance. Expertly designed and produced with the food and beverage industry in mind, these cable glands are built to be incredibly tough.

Many applications within the food and beverage industry require automation. Robotics which are in constant motion require cables which can withstand bends and stresses. The SKINTOP® range features a special elastometer used on the sealings of the gland, which guarantees incredibly high strain relief on the cable. The SKINTOP® cable gland range is also ECOLAB certified, permitting the use of these cables under the most stringent hygiene standards.