UL & CSA Approved Cables

UL Approved Cables and CSA Approved Cables are Cables that have been approved by UL (Underwriters UL & CSA Approved Cableslaboratories) and CSA (Canadian Standards Associatins) for industry work. The types of applications they have been approved for within the industry are machine tools, conveyor and assembly line applications.

UL and CSA approve cables such as tri rated cables for use within industry line equipment. Tri rated cables are designed to withstand high temperatures as well as being flame retardant. These cables are designed for great use within panel building. The term tri rated comes from the cables high quality. They name tri rated basically means that it has been approved by three different standard issues as it has passed certain standard tests. These are the BS6231, UL and CSA. With all three standards combined, the tri rated cable is approved for usage within many different applications throughout the industry.

An example of a UL and CSA approved cable is the ÖLFLEX® 150 QUATTRO (as shown above). This cable is made up of fine strands of bare copper wire, PVC core insulation and an increased oil resistance grey PVC outer sheath. This cable has been approved for usage for plant engineering machinery, air conditioning machinery, machine tools. It has been recommended for use within dry, damp and wet interiors, but not for outdoor use.