Solar Cables

solar cables


Solar Cables are designed for use within the industry for photovoltaic systems for cabling of the solar modules. These cables are also used as a connection to the AC/DC inverter.

Solar cables come in different styles, such as the cross-linked solar cable and the twin solar cable, each with their own advantage. Be sure to consult experts within the field to determine which will be best for your specific application.

A great example of a solar cable is the Ölflex Solar XLS. The conductors within the cable are fine wired tinned copper strands and these are insulated with an electron beam cross linked copolymer. The outer sheath is also a electron beam cross linked copolymer, making this cable very efficient when used for photovoltaic systems and connections with the AC/DC inverter.

Solar energy has become much more prevalent throughout the world over the past decade as people look for a more economical method for energy consumption. Not too long ago, seeing a solar panel on a house would be a rarity but today it isn’t as uncommon.

Lapp UK are a company who have provided unique solar energy for many solutions. As innovators in their field since 1957, they’ve embraced many new forms of technology and the more environmental-friendly, the better. Lapp’s solar cables are created to a high standard and offer a great connection that lasts.

The sheathing of the solar cable is made of special materials which is UV-resistant which means it is less likely to feel the effects of the sun. Considering how solar energy is almost exclusively dependent on being outside, it’s vital that it is protected as much as possible. Lapp’s variety of solar cables are so resilient that they also come with a 25 year guarantee.

Other names for Solar Cables include; PV Cables and  Photovoltaic Cable