Servo Motor Cables


Servo Motor Cables are designed and used in the industry when the machinery is fixed or constantly flexing. The cables servo motor cablesinclude motor, encoder and feedback types. Each cable has its own advantages and its own benefits when used with certain machinery. These cables are normally used for connecting between the servo and the motor, and can work well in wet conditions under an average amount of mechanical stress.

A great example of a servo motor cable is the Ölflex Servo FD 750 P. This cable offers a design made up of extra fine strands of plain copper wires, insulated in a PVC or TPE insulator and wrapped in a grey co-extruded PVC-PUR compound sheath. The design makes this cable great for use in the industry with an average amount of mechanical stress and is a great build for connecting the servo to the motor in machinery such as power chains or moving machinery parts.

Other names for these cables include: Resolver Cables, Encoder Cables, Indramat Cables.