NSSHOU CableA cable renowned for being robust in mechanical operations, the NSSHOU cable is one which is useful for many heavy-duty applications which can stress mechanical objects.

Extremely resilient at protecting against exertion and extended pressure, with particular regards to those in the mining sector. Its tough outer sheathing helps to protect against the effect of abrasion which are commonplace through mining operations.

NSSHOU is highly recommended for many operations, whether they be inside or outside as its tough sheath can protect against many interfering elements.

Thanks to its oil-resitant qualities, it’s also beneficial for those who may be in oil logging operations as it can withstand the excess of oil which can deteriorate other cables. Also dependable in areas where flames are evident as it is flame-retardant.

Product features

Flame-retardant according IEC 60332-1-2
Oil-resistant according to EN 60811-404
High notch resistance
Not antistatic –     From a normative perspective, NSSHÖU is not generally antistatic per se, i.e. in concrete terms it has no antistatic outer sheath: similarly to capacitors, cables can be unintentionally electrically charged at the surface of their outer sheaths, which may cause sudden discharges and dust explosions. This may, in turn, cause other explosive substances located in the vicinity to also explode. This issue may apply to some mines.

Application range

For mining as well as surface mining
Connection for moving equipment and machinery
Under extreme environmental conditions
Suitable for outdoor use, as well as in dry and damp interiors


Fine-wire strand made of tinned-copper wires
Core insulation: rubber compound type 3GI3
Inner sheath: rubber-compound, type GM1b or 5GM5
Outer sheath: rubber compound, type 5GM5