NSHXAFÖNSHXAFO is a single-core, halogen-free, flexible rubber cable.

NSHXAFO is a polymer jacketed, halogen-free, EPR insulated, VDE approved, 1.8/3kV, single conductor cable. This rubber cable is used widely in many general wiring applications and also features heavily in public transport technologies.

It is both oil-resistant and flame-retardant and is especially suited to protecting against short circuits in laying and for inherently earth-fault-proof routing in both buses and trains. The rubber cable is widely used in conduits, pipes, tubes ducts, and also in sealed installation channels.

Application range

·    Wiring of machines, tools, devices, appliances and control cabinets
·    Railway vehicles, buses, switching stations (short-circuit-proof up to 1000 V), power distributors (short-circuit-proof up to 1000 V)
·    No direct burial, except of lead-through through fire separations such as sand cups
·    In ducts, tubes, pipes, conduits and closed installation channels
·    Bundled or for connection of movable part


·    Arrangements made of single-conductor cables NSHXAFö in accordance with VDE 0250 Part 606 with nominal voltage of at least U0/U: 1.8/3 kV can be used for short circuit-proof and short-to-ground-proof installation up to 1000 V in acc. with VDE 0100 Part 520 and VDE 0298 Part 3


·    Fine copper wire strands
·    Core insulation: halogen-free rubber compound type 3GI3, according to DIN VDE 0207-20
·    Outer sheath: halogen-free HM3 polymer compound according to DIN VDE 0250-606, in black, other colours available on request
·    No outer sheath


·    The “CE” mark is forbidden as the normative nominal voltage U0/U = 1.8/3 kVac falls outside low voltage as defined by the EC Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC, which is the standard to which the “CE” mark on most of the cables that we sell refers

Product features

·    Halogen-free: to protect human life and valuable assets in the event of a fire, through low smoke  density and low amount of corrosive gases
·    Flame-retardant according to IEC 60332-1-2