NSGAFÖUNSGAFOU is a EPR insulated, 1.8/3Kv, single conductor, VDE approved, black polychloroprene jacketed cable.

This rubber cable has a great benefit as it is completely flame-retardant and oil-resistant cable. It is suitable for earth-fault-proof routing in buses and trains, and also for protection against short circuits when laying.

It is perfectly suitable for use in machines, control cabinets, tools and other various devices. NSGAFOU is a rubber cable considered to be short-circuit-proof in industrial switching equipment and can distribute up to 1000 volts.

Application range

·    Wiring of machines, tools, devices, appliances and control cabinets
·    Railway vehicles, buses, switching stations (short-circuit-proof up to 1000 V), power distributors (short-circuit-proof up to 1000 V)
·    No direct burial, except of lead-through through fire separations such as sand cups
·    In ducts, tubes, pipes, conduits and closed installation channels
·    Bundled or for connection of movable parts


·    Arrangements made of single-conductor cables NSGAFÖU in accordance with VDE 0250 Part 602 with nominal voltage of at least U0/U: 1.8/3 kV can be used for short circuit-proof and short-to-ground-proof installation up to 1000 V in acc. with VDE 0100 Part 520 and VDE 0298 Part 3


·    Fine-wire strand made of tinned-copper wires
·    Core insulation: rubber compound type 3GI3
·    Outer coating: rubber compound, type 5GM3, black, different colours on request
·    No outer sheath


·    The “CE” mark is forbidden as the normative nominal voltage U0/U = 1.8/3 kVac falls outside low voltage as defined by the EC Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC, which is the standard to which the “CE” mark on most of the cables that we sell refers

Product features

·    Flame-retardant according to IEC 60332-1-2
·    Oil-resistant according to EN 60811-2-1