H05RR-FH05RR-F is a rubber insulated, flexible, lightweight, harmonized and jacketed multi-conductor European cable. They are typically utilized under light mechanical stress and only where there is minimal physical damage.

H05RR-F cable wears an exterior sheath made of a standard grade black rubber compound and they stay flexible even at temperatures below zero. Even though it is suitable for outdoor use, long term use is not advised outside.

H05RR-F rubber cable is used regularly in various electrical equipment and household appliances such as toasters, irons, vacuums and many other kitchen appliances. It can also be found in an office environment in various items such as radios, lighting or air conditioning fans and is also used in extension leads or lightweight commercial electric tools.
They are used extensively for installations that are fixed, in wall partitions, with furniture, and also prefabricated building components.

Application range

•    Handheld and power supply devices according to HD 516/VDE 0298-300
•    Lightweight workshop tools that are subject to light loads
•    According to HD 516/VDE 0298-300: dry and damp rooms; only temporary use outdoors; not for industrial/commercial or agricultural facilities, except tailors/cutting workshops; not suitable for supplying industrial power tools
•    Light & sound technology


•    Type-compliant versions <HAR>-certified with “<HAR>” testing and certification mark for accelerated granting ofapprovals if final application of cable is within the European CENELEC area


•    Bare copper wire according to HAR
•    Core insulation: rubber compound type EI 4
•    Outer sheath: rubber compound, type EM3

Product features

•    Ozone-resistant
•    No flame retardancy according to IEC 60332-1-2