H07ZZ-FH07ZZ-F is a heavy duty, harmonized, halogen-free and completely flexible multi conductor cable.

It is widely used for all installations in which safety regulations demand the use of a low smoke and flexible cable such as inside machines, devices, at locations with a high density of people and at large social events or around valuable assets.

H07ZZ-F is suitable for wiring in places such as rail tunnels, roads, on-stage technology, industrial installations and hospitals, warehouses, airports, train stations, ships, port facilities, hospitals or buildings open to the general public, such as shows and exhibitions. It is regularly utilized in equipment in various industrial works and the construction industry. The best examples are the use in boilers and electric tools.

Due to its halogen free material HO7ZZ-F cable has such a broad usage, and will withstand moderate to medium mechanical stress and is very suitable for both indoor and also outdoor usage.

Application range

·    Stage technology
·    For mobile equipment and machines
·    Dry or damp rooms, as well as outdoors acc. to HD 516/VDE 0298-300
·    For buildings or industrial plants with a high density of people or valuable assets


·    Broad usages due to halogen-free materials
·    According to VDE 0100-711, cables with low smoke emission are required in buildings for exhibitions, shows and stands without a fire alarm system
·    Type-compliant versions <HAR>-certified with “<HAR>” testing and certification mark for accelerated granting of approvals if final application of cable is within the European CENELEC area


·    Strands of bare copper wires
·    Core insulation: Halogen-free rubber compound
·    Outer sheath: rubber compound, halogen-free

Product features

·    Low amount of corrosive gases in the event of fire
·    Flame-retardant according to IEC 60332-1-2 and bundle flame test according to IEC 60332-3-24/EN 50266-2-4
·    Low smokes/low smoke density in the event of fire according to IEC 61034Ozone-resistant acc. to HD 22, EN 50363-6, EN 60811-2-1, EN 50396-8.1.3