H07RN-FH07RN-F is a harmonized, heavy duty, flexible and chloroprene sheathed cable.

The recommended use is varied; typically it is fitted in electrical equipment under that are under conditions of moderate mechanical stress.

H07RN-F is a multi-conductor up to 750V. Standard European cables and can be used for circuit-proofing and are valuable for short-to-ground proof installations. The jacket is made out of a rubberised neoprene and therefore is weather resistant. This makes H07RN-F rubber cable suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The H07RN-F rubber cable features heavily in electrical tools and industrial equipment such as circular saws and drills, transportable generators and motors, and other mechanical machines that are put under medium stress. H07RN-F is common, and is suitable for use with boilers, hand lamps and heating plates. It is also very useful when constructing temporary buildings, installations and residential barracks.

Application range

•    Handheld and power supply devices according to HD 516/VDE 0298-300
•    According to HD 516/VDE 0298-300:… tools, machinery and agricultural devices for medium mechanical stress;for mobile engines and machinery; on plaster; not for submersion except for exceptional, brief flooding (seeH07RN8-F cable for submersible pumps); areas with an explosion hazard, in addition to individual, national provisions/guidelines/legislation/standards/norms that may apply in specific cases;
•    Dry or damp rooms as well as outdoors (taking into account all normative power characteristics) according to HD 516/VDE 0298-300
•    Light & sound technology


•    Heavy-duty, rubber-sheathed cable
•    High stresses
•    Permitted up to 1000 V (0.6/1 kV) alternating voltage for protected and fixed installation
•    Arrangements made of single-core, rubber-sheathed cables H07RN-F can be used for short circuit-proof and short-to-ground-proof installations in accordance with VDE 0100 Part 520
•    Type-compliant versions <HAR>-certified with “<HAR>” testing and certification mark for accelerated granting of approvals if final application of cable is within the European CENELEC area


•    Bare copper wire according to HAR
•    Core insulation: rubber compound type EI 4
•    Outer sheath: rubber compound, type EM2

Product features

•    Flame-retardant according to IEC 60332-1-2
•    Oil-resistant according to EN 60811-2-1
•    Normatively not ozone-resistant according to HD 22.4/VDE 0282-4 and HD 22.1/VDE 0282-1