Rubber Cables


Different types of industrial cables play various roles, but have one thing in common; they all play a vital role in the transportation of numerous types of power that are required for everyday life. Types of cables include rubber cables, shielded cable, fibre optical and electrical power cables.

Many cable manufacturers aim to develop and produce these cables to the highest standards and for optimum performance and safety. Shielded cable and other types  are required for many industries where cables may be exposed to a rough environment. Some of these include; power, oil, fertilizers, steel, railway, oil and medical industries.

Different cables are used in various industries. The most common and popular cables used are rubber cables, fibre optic, instrumentation, submersible, control, PVC, XLPE, coaxial, LAN/structural, electrical power and telecommunications cables. There is also the ability to use custom made cables that allow certain companies and industries to tailor their cables to meet the specific requirements of their application.

Many of the different reliable and reputable cable manufacturers like Lapp Group develop and produce custom made cables for any person or company that requires them. Cable manufacturers realise that offering good customer service and the ability to create custom cables are important, with developing technology to stay in business. It is essential to keep abreast of the ever evolving technology available.

Shielded cables are usually used where electromagnetic transmissions from networking cables have the ability to create complications. They are expensive and should be used only when necessary to avoid high costs.