Polyurethane/High Tough Cables


Polyurethane Cables /High Tough Cables are made out of very resistant materials which makes them very polyurethane cablesefficient when used under a lot of stress from both mechanical equipment and chemicals. The cables have a very high resistance against these two different factors, making the cables extremely valuable within the food and beverage industry.

The cables are designed to withstand very harsh environments and are equipped with a Polyurethane and Robust sheath, giving them the best chance of survival when being used.

A great example of a polyurethane wire is the Ölflex classic 400 P. This has a polyurethane sheath offering great protection and durability, as well as fine strands of class 5 bare copper wire conductors. These attributes make this cable very efficient when used under a lot of mechanical stress in both wet and dry conditions.

Polyurethane/High Tough Cables also go by the following names; PUR Cable and Oil Resistant Cable