Low Smoke Halogen Fume Cables


Low Smoke Halogen Fume Cables are designed to allow absolutely no halogen, smoke or fumes emit from the cables,Low Smoke Halogen Fumr Cables whatever the threat. Whether the cable is exposed to high temperatures or sources of heat.

The design of the Low Smoke Halogen Fume Cables is perfect for cable jacketing within the cable and wiring industry. Although, a high amount of cables that are designed and used with the same industry are insulated with PVC, Thermoplastic Urethane of Polyethylene.

When a halogen containing plastic is burnt, the material releases dangerous gases such as hydrogen chloride. This is very poisonous especially when the gas comes into contact with water, it forms hydrochloric acid. This is very dangerous to the human skin. Due to their design, these cables can actually help determine a safe working environment from a non-safe working environment, just because they are designed to prevent these fumes being emitted when the cables are exposed to heat or temperature.

In the modern world of industry, it’s become an almost absolute necessity to adhere to strict health and safety guidelines. Not only can not following them lead to repercussions in the financial sense, but it can also pose huge problems for your workforce if all the necessary precautions aren’t in place. One simple way of working towards assuring this is to invest in some low smoke halogen fume cables.

Lapp are a company who excel in providing high quality cable solutions to business worldwide. Whether you’re in a industrial or office workplace, it’s never been more pressing to optimise your health & safety setup and Lapp can help you with this in the cabling sense.

Many older buildings may use standard, outdated cabling systems. Though this may appear to work, cables can slowly degradeĀ over time so it could be worthwhile to consult the experts at Lapp to see if and why you might need some new solutions.