Low Smoke Halogen Free Cables

Low Smoke Halogen Free Cables (LSHF) are wrapped in a material composed of thermoplastic or thermoset Low Smoke Halogen Free Cablescompounds. These materials ensure that the cables emit limited smoke and no halogen when exposed to sources of heat and high temperatures.

Due to the design and style of these cable materials, they are designed to be used for cable jacketing within the cable and wiring industry. However, many network cables that are used within the industry are insulated with polyethylene, PVC or Thermoplastic Urethane.

When burnt, a halogen containing plastic material releases dangerous gases such as hydrogen chloride which is poisonous. If the gas comes into contact with any water it forms hydrochloric acid, which is dangerous to human skin. These low smoke halogen free cables that are produced with a halogen free material do not release such gases when exposed to flame.

Due to their design, low smoke halogen free cables are often used in areas when fire can be a hazard to the users and visitors. These are areas such as public buildings, train stations and airports.

In a modern world where health and safety guidelines are becoming stricter by the day, it’s never been more important to ensure that the safety of your workers is at the forefront of your workplace. With a simple investment in a low smoke cable for instance, you are one step closer to preventing your employees from being effected by poisonous fumes released upon combustion of your cables.

In case of fire, it can often be that the fire itself isn’t the main hazard as fumes and toxic gases can render anyone who breathes them in unconscious. If you’re unsure, be sure to consult the team at Lapp who will be able to provide you with all the information you require.

Lapp are known worldwide for being one of the premier cable manufacturers and suppliers, therefore do not hesitate to contact them if you require any assistance and further guidance on your product choice.