Highly Flexible Chain Cables


Highly Flexible Chain Cables are designed in a wide range of cables with PVC and PUR cables. These cables are designed to be used with constant moving applications.  These cables are suitable for the most modern automated manufacturing systems for both indoor and outdoor use.

The cables are also very efficient in the industry when used in power chains or moving machinery. These cables are also very useful in measuring, control and regulating circuits, just like the SY Cable, CY Cable and YY cables.  They are also very efficient when used in assembly lines and production lines, in all different types of machinery.

An example of a highly flexible wire is the Ölflex FD Classic 810. This cable is made from extra fine strands of plain copper conductors which are insulated by a PVC insulator. The sheath of the cable is made up from grey PVC.

Highly Flexible Chain Cables also go by the following names: Chain Cables, Flexible Cables and Drag Chain Cables