High Temperature Cables


high temperature cable


High Temperature Cables are available in a range of single core and multi core cable designs. Naturally, different cables have different uses and efficiency levels relying on the core design and the amount of cores within the cables.

This type of cable is ideal in temperatures ranging as low as -190°C to + 1565 °C so they are often used in a variety of  businesses such as foundaries, bakeries and glass and ceramic factories or virtually any type of factory/industry with extreme temperature levels.

A good example of a high temperature cable used in the industry is the LAPP Olflex Heat 260 MC. This cable has fine strands of nickel plated copper conductors, insulated in a PTFE based core insulator and wrapped in a PTFE based outer sheath.  Because of the style of this wire, it is perfect for the use in various fields of industry with very high temperatures, aggressive chemical media or tight space.

High Temperature Cables are also referred to as PTFE Cables and Silicone Cables.