Flat, Lift & Hoist Cables

Flat Cables, Lift Cables and Hoist Cables have all been specifically designed for heavy duty usage. The different styles flat, lift & hoist cableof cables have all been approved for usage on cranes, drum reeling and conveyor systems.

These cables have been designed as standard with stranded bare copper wire conductors, polyvinylchloride insulation and black flame retardant PVC outer sheath. They have been made especially for heavy and consistent use within hazardous areas indoor, wet, dry and moist conditions.

An example of a Flat, Lift and Hoist cable is the ÖLFLEX® LIFT F. This cable is a flexible PVC flat cable which needs less space than a rounded cable and can bend with much higher radii. The cable is made up of strands of bare copper wires, insulated with a PVC based insulator and wrapped in a PVC based outer sheath. This cable has been recommended for use in conveyor and hoist equipment such as indoor cranes and high rack facilities.  It has also been used in transport equipment.