NHXMH Cables


The NHXMH Cable is another cable that has been designed within the European National Standards Power Cable NHXMH Halogen Free Cablerange. These European power cables have all been designed and manufactured to suit the European National Standards quality. The NHXMH cables are both perfect and safe for the applications they have been designed for. With the European National Standards quality, the users know their applications will be built safely and work efficiently.

The NHXMH Power Cable has been designed to be used within various applications for a variety of tasks. It can be used in, on and under plaster. It can be built into brickwork and concrete, but like the NYM Cable it cannot be embedded into vibrated or compressed concrete. It can be used in dry, wet and damp interiors within different surroundings. It has been specifically designed for use in buildings or industrial plants with a high concentration of persons or valuable properties.