European Power Cables


European Power Cables are cables that have been designed to European National standards. This basically means that European Power Cablesthey have been designed to be safe when used in many different cases.

The cables are made up of bare copper wire conductors which are wrapped in a PVC insulator and a PVC based outer sheath. Although these designs aren’t halogen free and can release dangerous gases if exposed to flames, they are still highly used in the building industry. But there are certain cable designs that are made up of halogen free compound materials which do not causes a threat when exposed to flames.

Due to the style of the design these cables are often used in building areas within plaster, brickwork and under concrete.

An example of a European Power Cable is the NYY-J, NYY-O cable. This cable is highly used as a fixed installation power and control cable for applications for both indoor and outdoor use, direct burial, in concrete and under water giving it an all round use in the industry.