CY Cable


CY cable


A CY Cable like the SY and YY Cables are instrumentation cables used as an interconnecting cable for measuring, controlling and regulation in control equipment for both assembly and production lines. These cables are also used for conveyors and computer units.

CY cables are suitable for both fixed installations and flexible use when temporarily moved around. These cables have a high durability when used in conditions under medium mechanical stress.

CY cables increase their range of different uses for various surroundings as they can work efficiently outdoors when protected and in moist and dry places when indoors. Ensuring that your cabling is up to industry standard is important as it can assure the smooth operations of your business and prevent health & safety issues caused by malfunction.

The cables are covered in a grey PVC sheath with stranded class 5 copper conductors and the cable insulation is also made out of PVC. This makes it a resistant cable and one that is used by many different companies across the modern world.

CY Cables from Lapp

Preferable for lightweight operations, these innovations are most commonly used for application in EMC critical applications. Offers slight flexibility but is still highly versatile.

This cable benefits from having a larger conductor cross section and is known for its colour coded properties as well its effectiveness in EMC operations.

Similar to the 100 range as it is also colour coded for the benefit of the user; helps to negate the effects of external inference in EMC applications.

Any one of the cables above may be suitable for your business and so it is advised that you consult the premier suppliers who can guide you through step-by-step.

Other names for the CY Cable unclude; CY Control Cable, Screened Flexible Cable and EMC Cable