Cable Harnessing


A Cable Harness also known as Cable Looms and Cable Assembly is a group of wires that are bound together by clamps, cable ties, sleeves, cable lacing and conduit etc.

Cable Harnessing is widely used in construction, machinery and automobiles. The advantage of it is the fact that they are bound together making them better secured against vibrations, abrasions and moisture.

Not only does cable harnessing ensure that proper regulations are met when it comes to maintaining cabling solutions, but its benefits for providing extra space are constantly proven.

Instead of having a mass of different cables which can not only appear unsightly but also pose a health and safety concern to any workplace, a quality harness will be able to collate all of the different cables in one location, meaning that it’s far more compact.

It’s this streamlined effect which has made harnesses so common across many applications across the world. For instance, an airplane needs hundreds of different forms of cables to regulate, control and enable flight. Therefore to ensure a smooth journey for passengers, cable harnessing is employed to allow compact solutions.

In addition, you may have come across cable harnessing in the home. Although not necessarily common, there are some lightweight assemblies which can assist when it comes to a unit which requires many cables, such as a television. If you have a DVD player, games console, sound system and other various connections, you’ll need a harness to keep them all in one easy place.

Lapp Cable manufacturers have a high demand for cable harnesses which are usually designed according to client’s electrical requirements. Even if you and your business wish to use third-party components, Lapp will even then build your harness for you, piece by piece.

The cables are first cut to size, before the ends of the wires are stripped to expose the metal.  The metal is then fitted with terminals or connectors depending on requirements. The cables are then assembled and clamped together to form the cable harness.

cable harnessing