The Cable Choice Guide lists a wide range of electrical cables which are approved to British and International standards. Our products cater for a wide  range of industries including; Robotics, Food & Beverage, Light & Sound, Wind Energy, Lift & Handling Equipment, Automation Engineering and Photovoltaics.

You will find a wide range of cables here including; Control Cables, Solar Cables, Low Smoke Halogen Free Cables, BUS Cables and Data Cables to name a few.  You will also find a range of Cable Connectors and Cable Glands for a wide range of uses.


Different applications for cables


You will find a fine array of reasons why cables are such an integral part of many processes and applications throughout the modern world, whether they’re used at home or in a workplace.

Inspect any appliance in your home and you’ll doubtlessly note that they will use a cable to connect it to the power source. Your television, kitchen utensils and other personal items such as lamps will need cables to enable their power and they will also require to be long to reach further.

A common misconception for the product is that cables and wires are the same; this is untrue as although they may share relatively similar characteristics,  a cable offers finer protection and reliability.

A wire is an unsheathed conduit that offers little protection (unless it’s applied for harnessing) whereas a cable consists of a tough outer plastic that can withstand many external pressures.

It’s this kind of versatility which has made cables so sought after when it comes to industrial applications, particularly those in construction and other heavy-duty practices. Any form of equipment used outside must be able to withstand interferences such as temperamental weather and general abrasion over time.