Industry without robots has now become an unimaginable concept. Robot technology has now become one of the most dynamic areas for development which shows great benefits to all different areas within the industry. As robots all run off electricity and computers, cables play a very important role in this. Without high quality cables transferring all the data commands and powering everything efficiently, the robotics industry wouldn’t be very successful.

Robots are now used throughout the entire industry. They have become a crucial element within complex production processes and they can tackle much more dangerous tasks over human, with no lives at risk! Robots are always in motion and must work accurately and reliably under the greatest amounts of stress for all different tasks and styles of jobs. As well as the robots, the corresponding cables, components and cable systems used must be able to work under the same situations within the industry.

It has been shown that the smallest interference within the robotic process industry can lead to very high costs when it comes to production failures, Lapp are doing everything they can to ensure smooth, reliable and successful operations, whatever the task.

Lapp Group develop Robotic Cables and system solutions in close cooperation with the customer. Lapp always takes into account details such as cross section, environment and movement when deciding upon the design. Everything designed and manufactured by Lapp is thoroughly tested, even the first samples, to make sure that they only deliver the highest quality products and services to the customer.