Food & Beverage


There are only a few industries that are so multifaceted and demanding when it comes to their requirements, especially when it comes to their operating conditions within the food and drinks industry. Not only do the strict hygiene and cleanliness requirements apply to the food processing industry, but it applies to the electrical components on the same level.

Within the food and drinks industry as well as bottling and food packaging plants, there are many complex requirements for cables and accessories. The cables and accessories must all be resistant to a whole area of chemical, thermal and physical stresses that they may come across within the industry. This is so they can still fulfil their tasks efficiently within refrigerated areas and damp environments that they may be used in.

As hygiene is also a major factor within the food and beverage industry, the cables and accessories need to be designed and manufactured with a resistance to aggressive industrial cleaning and alkali agents which are commonly used within cleaning processes around food manufacturing areas.


electrical cables for the food & beverage industry