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The Cable Choice Guide covers a wide range of cable industries and within each industry specific cable  are needed for the equipment to run efficiently!

The industries that we will focus on are: Wind Energy, Photovoltaics, Food and Beverage, Robotics, Logistics, Light and Sound, Automation. Each industry has its own style of cable which it needs to pass certain tests and of course run as efficiently as possible.

For example, the cables that have been designed and manufactured for use within the food and beverage industry have been made to pass certain tests for hygiene and safety. This means that they will help a food manufacturing company pass hygiene tests as well as being easy to clean and maintain around the area.

Many companies across a broad range of industries will often consult a premier supplier in cables who will be able to assist them with the specifications that they first set out. Correspondence will remain professional and also helpful so as to reach the perfect conclusion for the needs of the customer and therefore their business.

It could be worthwhile when choosing your cabling for your industry just how resilient it will be and also if it poses a health & safety risk. Regular plastics are found on standard cabling that can present problems under combustion. These can cause serious health issues to any workforce as burning will emit noxious fumes that are almost as deadly as the fire itself.

Therefore, always look to something like a low smoke halogen free cable to ensure you’re on top of your health & safety. Upon combustion, the smoke effects are far lower and effectively less dangerous than in regular cabling and LSZH cables have become the norm across many workplaces.

On another note, if you’re thinking of purchasing cables for your industry in bulk, it could be worthwhile to check out cable harnessing as this process keeps your cabling in an easy and more efficient place.

Each industry has its own specific needs, and having the correct cable design makes it much easier for the industry to function to their highest standard.