Skintop Cable Glands


SKINTOP® have a comprehensive range of cable glands, ensuring that there is something absolutely perfect for every type of application that requires the use of cable glands. The one thing that every single type of SKINTOP cable gland has in common, is that they always guarantee secure connections – every single time.

Putting a SKINTOP cable gland together is extremely easy. Simply thread the cable and then twist. Your cables will be centered perfectly, secured safely and hermetically sealed and ready for action. When browsing the SKINTOP cable gland range, you are able to choose from a fnatastic range of products in plastic or brass, for EX and EMC applications, halogen-free types or anti-kink protection, metric, PG or NPT.

Explore Lapp UK for a comprehensive range of cable glands available in either Nylon or Nickel plated brass. For standard clamping to earthing of braid. IP ratings are all the way up to IP68 and IP69K.

Lapp UK can offer you exceptional cable glands including the following:

SKINTOP® metric plastic cable glands
SKINTOP® metric nickel-plated brass cable glands
SKINTOP® metric cable gland accessories
SKINDICHT® PG cable gland accessories
SKINTOP® cable bushing systems
SKINDICHT® metric plastic or metal cable glands
SKINDICHT® metric cable gland accessories
SKINMATIC® mounting tools
Cable glands – other thread types
SKINTOP® PG polyamide cable glands
SKINTOP® PG nickel-plated brass cable glands
SKINDICHT® plastic or metal PG cable glands
SKINDICHT® PG cable gland accessories