Plastic Cable Glands

plastic cable glandA cable gland is a small device that has been designed specifically to help Cables maintain the strength they need when connected to various applications and equipment. For example, if a cable is constantly plugged into an application then the connection may become weak over time as the cable will be straining constantly, so a cable gland will help the cable maintain the strength it needs to fulfill the task throughout the life of the equipment.

Plastic Cable Glands are made out of different plastics such as A. C. E and F for UL approved Nylon as well as B and D for NBR rubber. These types of cable glands can be used to hold cables in their designated pieces of equipment and they have a wide cable range, so the majority of tasks can be fulfilled by these plastic cable glands. The reason they can accompany such a wide range of cables is down to the design of the claws and seals within the cable gland.

These Plastic Cable Glands offer resistance to salt water, alcohol, grease, weak acids and more! This gives the user a wide range of different scenarios and surroundings for the cable glands to be used in.