Metal Cable Glands


A cable gland is a small device that has been designed specifically to help Cables maintain the strength they need when connected to various applications and equipment.

For example, when a cable connection becomes weak, it could potentially cause problems within the designated equipment or application. This could then decrease the efficiency of the equipment and potentially damage or ruin the task it has been set.

metal cable glands

Metal Cable Glands have been designed and structured in such a way, that they offer maximum reliability when used in various surroundings and scenarios. They offer optimal strain relief when used with equipment and tasks, making sure the cables that are embedded within the glands are not damaged when used and run as efficiently as possible.

These metal glands have a large, variable clamping range offering their services to many different cables and applications within various industries. These cable glands are used in a range of applications including the chemical industry, areas with high demands on special mechanical and chemical stability. They are also used within technology which measures and controls as well as machine and apparatus construction.

One of the drawbacks of metal is that it lacks any form of flexibility but this in no problem for cable glands as they are an inactive component of a connector and so, it’s important that they remain rigid.

The benefit of choosing metal cable glands is one that becomes evident over time as other materials may degrade to the point where they become unusable, whereas a metal variety will still be going strong and providing protection and durability for many years, even in wet conditions.