ATEX Cable Glands


A Cable Gland is a small device that has been designed specifically to help cables maintain the strength they need when connected to various applications and equipment. All cable glands have to pass certain tasks and tests before they are allowed to be sold in the industry. This just ensures that the customers who purchase and use these cable gland designs know that they are buying high quality equipment which they can rely on.atex cable gland

ATEX Cable Glands are designed and manufactured in such as way that they are given a term used for the European Union’s Directive 94/9/EC.  This concerns equipments and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive areas such as large manufacturing areas which deal which highly compressed gas and large equipment and applications. As these glands have been recognised and been given the name ATEX, the customers know that these glands are extremely safe for use and will help maintain high standards and efficiency throughout all the tasks they participate in.

ATEX Approved Cable Glands have been designed in both Nylon and Metal allowing different operations and tasks to be completed within different surroundings and scenarios. ATEX glands have dynamic strain stability, high strain relief, large variable clamping ranges; they are made with anti static specifications and have a maximum reliability. They can be used within a large range of applications including mobile offshore and marine applications and within chemical and petrochemical industry. Due to their explosive proof design, they are highly recommended within potentially explosive scenarios.