Rectangular Connectors

The new EPIC® Ultra Rectangular Connector is an all new rectangular design with a modern appearance and a highrectangular connector quality, shiny surface. The housing of the connector is scratch proof, impact and corrosion resistant making it a brilliant choice for use in harsh conditions. When combined with the SKINTOP® Brush cable gland the connector is absolutely EMC-resistant. This is very important in this case as the BUS transmissions are very sensitive.

A great advantage for using the new EPIC® Ultra rectangular connectors is the fact that the SKINTOP® glands are already built into the housing so they provide a great amount of strain relief on the cables used and have a very high level of protection with its very high quality sealing. The initial design and style of the housing has been made perfectly to protect it from any mechanical stress or damage, especially when used with equipment in some of the harsh construction surroundings.

Another great feature of rectangular connectors is the housing provides a safe, 360 degree, metallic, conductive connection, and it can also be connected to a standard housing unit if it needs to be. This extra feature makes the housing one of a kind within the market and definitely stands out from all its competitors.

The new EPIC® Ultra connector is slightly smaller than the older model so it gives developers and designers more room to play with and allows easier usage in those tighter spaces, making it an all round great addition to the conductor family.