Circular Connectors

Circular Connectors have been designed and manufactured to work perfectly with power and signal connectors for servo motors and in servo harnessing.

They are renowned for offering a compact yet highly durable solution to your cable connection requirements and can be found most commonly in configurations which require cable-to-cable or cable-to-machine operations.circular connectors

Servo motors are delicate in their usage and need to be exact when it comes to their connectivity. As they’re in charge of typically controlling movement, to enable the utmost in fluidity, you’ll need a circular connector which is able to undergo processes with finesse.

As for their applications, servo motors are commonplace throughout modern robotics. however, anyone who’s ever had the joy of owning a remote control car will have needed a servo motor within the unit to enable its movement. This goes to prove that they can come in many variations and that they’re suitable for many different uses.

When it comes to applications in an industrial sense and especially when it comes to car production. As robotics evolve to be able of the finest details of a automotive engineering, the need for their supporting components to also be of the highest standard is apparent. As servo motors regulate movement and signal, a robotic arm will benefit from them as they can achieve the finest details.

Outside of the engineering world, a circular connector is a great asset when it comes to fully-fledged robotic units. These sometimes autonomous advancements in technology require the finest in components for the best in precision and fluidity.

An example of a Circular Connector is the EPICĀ® M23 A3 which has been designed initially for plant engineering applications, servo drives and servo harnessing, measurement and control technology. The EPICĀ® M23 A3 has a very flexible housing and the cable connectors have a huge clamping range.