Cable Choice Guide is our complete online guide to cables including: control cables such as Solar Cables,YY Cable, CY Cable, SY Cable, Electrical, Data, Power, PVC, Flexible Cable Connectors and Cable Glands. We have endeavoured to compile a list of the most widely used cables in some of the biggest industries of today. We have also listed a wide range of industries and how individual cables are used within these.

What is a Cable?


A cable is usually 2, 3 or 4 wires running parallel and twisted, bonded or braided together to form a single assembly. Commonly misunderstood with a wire in general, the easiest distinction to make between the two is that cables are sheathed and therefore protected whereas wires are exposed to all kinds of elements. Below you will find various types of cables:

Electrical Cables – used in electrical engineering which are used to carry electrical currents. These may be made more flexible by stranding the wires; smaller individual wires are twisted or braided together to produce a larger wire and then sheathed to form an electrical cable. They are mainly used in buildings and industrial sites.

Mechanical Cables – used in mechanics and also known as wire ropes.  These are used for lifting, hauling and towing.

Power Cables – used for power transmissions where the distance is greater than a couple of miles.


Why do I need cables?


Whether you’re using them for personal or commercial use, it is undisputed that cables are necessary for many applications. Your standard cable in the home will be able to power many of your units and is built for purpose. Although not as durable as their industrial cousins, they can offer durability and a consistent electrical current through to your device. However, if you want to get the most out of your industrial cables, you’ll have to ensure that they are made of the highest standard materials so that they are capable of standing up to the test of time.

Additionally, you’ll need to find out what cable connectors you’ll need for your application to deliver the most streamlined and effective way of controlling your cables.